2007 Greetings from Colombe, Simcha and Jeremy

The Year of the Late Card

Hi all,

Another year flew by. It went by so fast that we didn't get a chance to take a family photo, even with procrastinating on getting this card out. Next year!

Jeremy started the year in middle school and winds up the year as a high school freshman. His year has contained quite a few highlights. This summer he traveled with 42 other kids from Connecticut on a three-week trip through Europe (Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and England). He had a great time. It's too bad his camera broke halfway through the trip.

Once back, it was time for freshman football. His team had a great season, going 8-2. Jeremy played mostly tackle and guard on the offensive line. After a week's break, the wrestling season started, and he's wrestled his first varsity matches. In his spare time, he is taking five honors classes and is doing well in them. In the spare time from his spare time, he's going to religious school and also helping out with the third grade class. He fills the rest of his time pretty easily and wishes there were more of it (hard to play games with no time).

Colombe has kept busy in and out of work. Luckily most of her business travel has stopped, so she's in town most of the time. She became a certified Senior Project Manager this year, a task she's been working on for a couple of years. It means that she can now call herself a certified Senior Project Manager.

Colombe has continued in her role as president of the local chapter of National Council of Jewish Women. She went to a few conventions and meetings this year, but her highlight was a trip to Israel in October. She was only there a week, but fell in love with the country and is trying to plan for a family trip there in the near future.

At the synagogue, Colombe is taking part in a program for adults that will culminate in her becoming a Bat Mitzvah on November 29, 2008. She also helped plan a very successful mock wedding.

Simcha continues his unsuccessful quest to keep IBM documents from being published. He's going to celebrate his 25th anniversary with IBM in May. Not bad for a 30-year-old. He also built his first computer from scratch this year.

Simcha was the "team mom parent" for Jeremy's football team this year, keeping the other parents informed of upcoming events and communications from the coaches. He also took video of all the games for the coaches to review and produced DVDs for all the players.

Simcha finished his term as synagogue VP, and will continue as a trustee, web-master and offshore tech support. He is working on a new accent for the latter.

On a sad note, Simcha's Uncle Herbie z"l passed away this year. We're also pulling for a number of our friends and family fighting major illnesses.

We're thankful for all our friends, family, teachers, coaches, and everyone else not covered by one of the previous categories.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirits. We wish you a happy and joyous end to 2007 and look forward to an even better 2008.

All our love,
Colombe, Simcha and Jeremy

Web pages to visit

Jeremy's trip to Europe: http://ingalls.smugmug.com
(look in the People to People albums; password is ingallsguest)

Jeremy's football team: http://brookfieldfreshmanfootball2007.shutterfly.com
(Site Password is Bobcats)

Colombe's trip to Israel: http://picasaweb.google.com/colombe.gralla

Our email addresses

Simcha: SimchaGralla@charter.net
Colombe: mailto:Colombe@charter.net
Jeremy: TheMilkmanReborn@charter.net

Pictures from 2007

Jeremy's football team
Jeremy's People-to-People group

The Brookfield Freshman football team
(Jeremy is second from the left on the top row)

The People-to-People group in Switzerland
(Jeremy is seated second from the left)


Jeremy playing Sax Jeremy smiling at football Colombe in Israel

Jeremy playing sax at Governor Rell's inauguration in January

Jeremy following a football victory

Colombe in Israel

Lost pictures

The following pictures appear to have been lost in moving to a new computer: